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    TABOO is a landmark adult film. It is the first adult film to have seriously focused on the subject of taboo love and presents it with "serious passion and excitement," according to Adam Film World. In 1983, it also scored another first when it received an unprecedented nod from the prestigious Video Software Dealers Association. This recognition was considered by many as a turning point in the acceptance of adult entertainment by the mainstream video industry. Finally, due to its overwhelming popularity, it was the first adult motion picture with numerous sequels in release.

    Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, leaving her and their son to fend for themselves. In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job. After her boss makes an uncomfortable pass at her and she falls into the divorcee's role of meaningless parties and blind dates, she becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion for the young Paul.

    Comments on Taboo

    Editor's Review

    I know we've been reviewing a ton of classic movies recently, but this series includes some of the top selling movies in the family, so really, I had to see what all the fuss is about. I'm guessing it has something to do with all the taboo topics this famous (or should I say infamous) movie features.

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I turned this movie on. My co-workers mentioned that there was some taboo love going on in the series, so I was a little hesitant to promote it on HM4Her. I just wasn't totally comfortable telling folks to go watch something so risqué, but instead of just judging it and moving on, I decided to review it and give an honest opinion of what I think. So here goes it.

    Well, Yep, sonny boy seems to have a crush on his newly separated mama (and even watches her get dressed). The movie starts with a man leaving his wife, Barbara (Kay Parker), for his secretary. To keep herself and her son (who I assume is around 18) afloat and to move on, Barbara takes a job with this dirtbag guy, Jerry, and lets her friend Gina (Juliet Anderson) set her up on all these dates, including one to this crazy swinger party.

    Before moving on, I just have to talk about the swinger party. Even though Barb doesn't join in on the action, it is so worth talking about. At one point in this scene there is a super impressive daisy chain of naked people. The Human Sexipede before there was one. I believe there was something like a dozen people involved. I paused the movie and tried to count but couldn't figure out how some folks were attached and whose body was whose. Sometimes orgies are just like that.

    [Side note: I was eating breakfast at my boyfriend's work this morning and was talking to one of his regulars about porn. I busted out an iphone picture I had taken of my computer screen during the daisy chain scene (I needed to capture the magic) and the guy knew what movie it was from, just from the bedspread! How fucking awesome is that!?!]

    After witnessing that crazy orgy, Barb goes home and at some point in the night goes for it with Paul (Mike Ranger). She just can't help herself! She ends up waking him up with a blow job and they screw all night long. I'm not gonna lie, it was really hard for me to watch without cringing.

    Sure, there is a ton of sex in this movie that isn't between familiars, but that's what stuck in my head (other than the impressive orgy). I would never say that someone shouldn't watch it or that it's wrong to enjoy Taboo - it is only fantasy, after all, but I don't know if I can comfortably give this classic series a thumbs up in regards to promoting it on HM4Her. While I think women should watch whatever they want, I'm gonna leave this one to the boys at HotMovies when it comes to featuring it as a must see movie.